RMS Environmental has the expertise and capabilities to design, perform and manage small to large scale air monitoring programs during remedial construction activities. RMS not only monitors work zones on-site but also remotely from our office allowing us to provide continual 24-hour support to our clients.

We are currently providing continuous air monitoring support for a New Jersey based remediation contractor at a site in Greenburgh, New York. RMS provided specific procedures for measuring, documenting, and responding to potential airborne contaminants during the remedial construction activities. The continuous air monitoring plan is being implemented to reduce risk of potential exposure of Site contaminants to neighboring residents.

The continuous air monitoring plan was designed to:
• Provide monitoring, action levels, and contingency procedures to prevent exposure of Site workers and nearby residents to potential volatile contaminants.
• Provide a contingency plan that prevents significant airborne contaminant release from the Site.

During the implementation of remedial construction activities, work zone and fence line perimeter air monitoring is being conducted using a combination of real-time continuous air monitoring at two fixed up-wind and two down-wind locations and work zone monitoring using hand-held instruments.

The continuous air monitoring plan defined several action levels for respirable dust and increasing response actions for each level. The response actions, potentially including work stoppage, prevent or significantly reduce the migration of respirable dust from the Site.