Project Description

monitor on work table with soil samples

RMS staff have provided field support and assistance in technical writing to another environmental consultant in the Mid-Atlantic on Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). RMS provides expertise in soil and groundwater field work support and oversight.

RMS coordinated with a geophysical company to locate and mark subsurface anomalies consistent with Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), and other anomalous features. A secondary objective was to locate and mark detectable subsurface utilities proximal to our proposed soil borings.

Phase II ESA Providing Assistance

RMS then remobilized to the site and worked along with the driller to complete soil borings and temporary wells based on historical information associated with the Phase I ESA results as well as the geophysical survey..

In addition to field work support RMS provided assistance with technical writing in the final report submission to the client. RMS, also, provided high resolution GIS figures showing sample locations, site location maps, site plans and geologic maps.

Multiple tanks were located on site, but no contamination was found surrounding them. Tank removals to be completed in the future…. Stay tuned.

Project Details

  • RMS coordinated and oversaw geophysical investigation.
  • RMS oversaw soil boring installation and characterized soils in the subsurface.
  • RMS collected soil samples to characterize soil surrounding recognized environmental concerns (RECs)

Work Completed

  • Geophysical Investigation
  • Soil Boring Investigation
  • Temporary Groundwater Well Investigation
  • Phase II ESA