Project Description

Solebury USTRMS was contracted by an Estate in Solebury Township to remove a 330-gallon gasoline underground storage tank (UST), 550-gallon gasoline UST and a 4,000-gallon heating oil UST. All three (3) USTs were cut, cleaned, and removed from their excavation. Upon removal of the two (2) gasoline USTs both were found to have leaked contaminating the surrounding soil.

RMS remobilized to the Site and removed a combined 150 tons of petroleum impacted soil that was transported to a licensed facility for proper disposal. RMS collected the appropriate amount of soil samples from each excavation and tested for the PADEP Leaded Gasoline Shortlist parameters. All results were well below Statewide Health Standards for Residential Properties.

Solebury Township UST Removals

RMS completed all necessary documentation and completed a final closure and remediation report that included Site Characterization, Site Investigation and Site Remediation that was submitted to the DEP in accordance with the Land Recycling and Environmental Remediation Standards Act (Act 2), and it constituted a final report as defined in Chapter 3 of Act 2. Within 60 days of submission the PADEP approved the final report for the substances identified and remediated to an Act 2 standard within the site specified. Chapter 5, Section 501 of Act 2, provides the liability protection where attainment of Act 2 cleanup standards was demonstrated. The cleanup liability protection provided by this chapter applies to the current and future owner or any other person who participated in the remediation; a person who develops or occupies the property; successor or assign of any person to whom liability protection applies; and a public utility to the extent the public utility performs activities on the identified property.

Project Details

  • RMS oversaw the removal of 3 USTs. Two gasoline USTs and a 4,000-gallon heating oil UST.
  • RMS oversaw Soil Remediation and collected requisite soil samples.
  • RMS completed necessary closure reports to obtain Act 2 release of liability from the PADEP.

Work Completed

  • UST Removals
  • Soil Remediation