Project Description

map of springfield gisRMS Environmental has been retained to work as a Township in Northern Bucks County’s Hydrogeologic Consultant. RMS has reviewed geologic and hydrogeologic portions of applications to the Township as well as reviewed preliminary groundwater models.

pipe coming out of the ground with a spool of wire lying on the groundIn addition, RMS has developed a private well monitoring network for the Township. RMS performed a preliminary remote well search, followed by an on-site canvas of wells on adjacent properties. The well search was used to locate and obtain information regarding drinking water wells in the vicinity of the planned quarries. Results from the remote and on-site canvas well search allowed RMS, with the Township’s support, to create a monitoring well network of approximately 25 wells. A well network of this size will provide the spatial distribution of wells needed to characterize groundwater quantity and quality.

RMS performed 8 groundwater monitoring events obtaining the water levels at local wells withing the well network. Data from the monitoring events will be tabulated and graphed and used to determine fluctuations in the baseline groundwater elevation in the vicinity of the proposed quarries. RMS will be able to use the data to determine how the planned quarry will affect local wells.

This is an ongoing project that will include additional monitoring as well as additional groundwater modeling reviews.

Project Details

  • Hydrogeologic consulting for a township in Northern Bucks County.
  • Review of Groundwater Model
  • Create Monitoring Well Network
  • Create Baseline for groundwater elevations in the Township

Work Completed

  • Application Review
  • Creation of Monitoring Network
  • Groundwater Monitoring Events
  • Groundwater Modeling