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RMS performs projects in complex hydrogeologic environments and we understand the data requirements needed to adequately characterize contaminant migration. We evaluate the source, pathway receptor relationship at each site and the contaminant migration pathways created by this relationship. Nothing is more important to understanding contaminant migration, and designing remedial systems, than a complete model of the hydrogeological environment. One must understand the hydrostratigraphy and other factors that control fluid flow at a site before one can hope to understand or control contaminant migration. RMS prepares comprehensive Conceptual Site Modes (CSMs) each site based on its complexity and project objectives.

RMS works alongside their clients to determine the cause and source of the contamination at their sites. Understanding the contaminants and their chemistry is imperative to formulating the proper plan to remediate the groundwater.

Our staff is comprised of highly qualified individuals with not only the technical expertise, but the real-world experience to understand the challenges associated with creating remediation plans.

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