Project Description

RMS was contracted to continue the soil and groundwater Remedial Investigation (RI) underway for an active dry-cleaning operation at the Shops at Foxmoor. The dry cleaner used chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs) in past dry-cleaning operations but has since switched to more environmentally friendly dry-cleaning operations. Chemicals of concern (COC) identified in soil included the typical list of dry-cleaning contaminants, including tetrachloroethene (PCE) and its breakdown products. Soil sampling confirmed that soil contamination was limited to a small area beneath the dry-cleaner building. The planned remedial action for soil is an engineered cap consisting of the current dry-cleaning building and an institutional control in the form of a deed notice. A site-specific Impact to Groundwater (IGW) Soil Remediation Standard (SRS) was developed for CVOC concentrations above the default IGW Soil Screening Level (SSL).

The groundwater investigation is ongoing and includes a CVOC impacted groundwater plume that extends off-site onto the adjacent property. RMS worked with the client’s attorney to craft an access agreement which provided access to sample existing monitoring wells and install additional monitoring wells to complete groundwater delineation. A vapor intrusion evaluation is planned for building on the adjacent property. Based on the results of groundwater sampling completed to date, the planned remedial action for groundwater will be monitored natural attenuation (MNA) and designation of a Classification Exception Area (CEA).

Project Details

  • Environmental investigation of CVOC contamination from an active dry-cleaning facility
  • Used a compliance evaluation for soil remediation along with engineering and institutional controls.
  • Negotiated access to neighboring properties for a migrating groundwater plume and vapor intrusion investigation.

Work Completed

  • Remedial Investigation
  • Groundwater sampling and analysis
  • Planned MNA and CEA as the groundwater remedy.